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Fan Dingdong

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


Anhui University of Technology Distinguished Professor, from 2002 to 2010 , served as the Anhui Institute of Metals Steel Technology Committee. Has been in the steel plant as 12 years chief engineer, has long been engaged in process technology research, presided over the furnace, converter, continuous casting of the technology research, command of the " flat " change " turn " of the major process equipment renovation project, carried out SKF ladle refining Furnace, LF-VD refining furnace and RH vacuum furnace technology research, to overcome the KKD , GKD and other fast, high-speed train wheel steel and CSP short process production of non-oriented electrical steel and a series of technical problems, has a very rich theory and Engineering experience. Has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial level and municipal technological progress awards, including a national science and technology progress prize two, metallurgical science and technology two prize two, three prize two, four prize one, Anhui province technology Progressive second prize one, third prize one, four prize one, Ma On Shan technical progress award two, second, third, fourth prize each one. In the steel, China Metallurgy, special steel, steel, continuous casting and other publications published nearly 40 academic papers.

Research Interest

the upgrading of traditional steel technology ( 2 ) iron and steel metallurgical new technology development ( 3 ) metallurgical slag high value-added recycling ( 4 ) high quality steel varieties and quality control


  • He Yunlong , Sun Wei , Jin Youlin , Fan Dingdong , RH refining process of nitrogen removal factors, China Metallurgy, 2015 ,( 2 ) :47-50 Xia Yunjin, Wang Fuming, Wang Shijun, Fan Dingdong, Li Jie.Analysis of composition and microstructure of sulfur-free cutting and non-quenched and tempered steel at home and abroad.Steelmaking,2013,29(3):58-61.

  • Heyun Long , Fan Dingdong , Sun Wei , Jin Youlin Melting Process Research and Practice, high toughness steel flanges wind power, steel, 2014 , 30 ( 2 ): 14-17

  • Xu Lu , Fan Dingdong , summer can Wei , Song Xiaoan ,Experimental study on dry desulfurization of sintered flue gas by slag fine powder , sintered pellets, 2015 , ( 3 ) : 48-52

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