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Huang Zhenyi

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


Huang Zhenyi, male, born in 1966 , Ph.D., professor of Anhui University of Technology, part-time professor of Harbin Engineering University, vice president of Metallurgical Engineering College of Anhui University of Technology, academic and technical leader of Anhui province. 1990 Nian 7 Yue graduated from East China Institute of Metallurgy; 1990 Nian 7 Yue Zhi 1990 Nian 12 months Working at the Department of Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, metallurgy, any clerk; 1991 Nian 7 Yue Zhi 1992 Nian 1 Yue Department of Metallurgy work in East China Institute of Metallurgy, assistant Professor; 1992 Nian 2 Yue Zhi 1992 Nian 7 months Baosteel 2050 hot strip mill social practice; 1992 Nian 8 Yue Zhi 1996 Nian 7 May by private car sent Jiangyin joint rolling mill and the establishment of the rule of East China Institute of metallurgy Institute, responsible for the plant's automotive sheet production process and the internal control standards; 1996 Nian 8 months to 1999In 3 months Rolling Northeastern University, State Key Laboratory of Automation, received a master's degree in Materials Processing Engineering; 1999 years 3 Yue Zhi 2003 years 7 months Metallurgy Anhui University faculty ( 2000 in the East China Institute of Metallurgy changed security work great); 2003 Nian 8 Yue Zhi 2013 Nian 8 months Anhui University School of material taught during the Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering of materials Science and Engineering, received a doctorate in materials science and engineering; 2013 Nian 9 months since taught at the School of metallurgical Engineering, Anhui University The In recent years has won the provincial scientific and technological progress second prize 3 , the municipal scientific and technological progress second prize 1 , third prize 2 ; editor of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Anhui Province, a textbook, China's education and metallurgy excellent teaching materials Award; through the provincial appraisal results 9 , reached the international advanced level 5 ; authorized invention patents 9 , utility model patents 4 ; presided over the National Natural Science Fund Project, the national science and technology support program sub-project, the provincial major scientific and technological achievements into the project And the national large and medium-sized enterprises scientific and technological research and other projects more than 50 ; published more than 70 academic papers, SCI , EI and other international four major searches included 20 .

Research Interest

metal materials molding process and equipment development research ( 2 ) the development of new generation of steel materials and its organizational performance control ( 3 ) fault diagnosis and life analysis of large equipment ( 4 ) energy-saving emission reduction rolling technology


  • Huang Chen Yi; Chen Guang; cattle sub-Ran; Wang Guangpeng; a new yellow; Liu literature . Billet solidification segregation and high-strength hot rod genetic organization . Journal of Iron and Steel Research, 2007,01: 44-47.

  • Huang Yunyi; Shi Qi; Chen Fuqiang; Shi, Yunfeng. FEM simulation of the hydrogendiffusion in X80 pipeline steel during stacking for slow cooling. ActaMetallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 2014, 27-3: 416-421.

  • HuangZhenyi; Chen Fuqiang; Wang Ping. High-temperature deformation characteristicsof a SA516GR70 vessel steel. Advanced Materials Research, 2013, 652-654: 1471-1477.

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