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Ling Haitao

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


In 2011 graduated from Anhui University of Metallurgical Engineering (Bachelor), in 2017 received the Beijing University of Science and Technology metallurgy engineering doctorate. Since 2017 Nian 1 month to enter the School of Metallurgical Engineering, Anhui University engaged in teaching and research work. National Natural Science Fund Project 1 item school-enterprise cooperation projects 3 items in JOM , Metallurgicaland Materials Transactions B , Ironmaking & Steelmaking , MetallurgicalResearch & Technology published journals and other 17 papers, was SCI included 9 papers, national invention and practical New patent 4 , authorized 3 items. Y

Research Interest

member of China Metal Society ( 2 ) American Association of AIST members ( Associationfor Iron & Steel Technology ) ( 3 ) Metallurgicaland Materials Transactions B , Vacuum journal reviewer Y


  • Haitao Ling , Lifeng Zhang, Hong Li. Mathematical Modeling on the Growth andRemoval of Non-metallic Inclusions in the Molten Steel in a Two-strandContinuous Casting Tundish [J]. Metallurgical and MaterialsTransactions B, 2016, 47 (5): 2991-3012. ( SCI )

  • Haitao Ling , Fei Li, Lifeng Zhang, Alberto N. Conejo. Investigation on theEffect of Nozzle Number on the Recirculation Rate and Mixing Time in the RHProcess Using VOF + DPM Model [J]. Metallurgical and MaterialsTransactions B , 2016,47 (3): 1950-1961. ( SCI )

  • HaitaoLing .., Numerical Zhang Lifeng the Simulation of The Growth and Removal of Inclusions of Steel A Two-inthe tundish Strand [J] JOM ,, 2013, 65 (. 9):. 1155-1163 ( the SCI )

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