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Wan Yong

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


Wan Yong, male, lecturer. 1987 born, 2009 , graduated from Jiangsu University Metallurgical Engineering (BA), 2014 was awarded the University of Science and Technology Beijing Metallurgical Engineering doctorate (Ph.D). Since August 2014 , Anhui University of Technology entered the Institute of Metallurgical Engineering, engaged in iron and steel metallurgy teaching and research work. 2016 Nian 4 Joined Jiangxi Xinyu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. engaged in post-doctoral research station. Currently published 16 papers, apply for national invention patents 2 .

Research Interest

clean steel smelting technology ( 2 ) Solidification control technology of steel ( 3 ) Crystal texture control technology


  • Yong Wan * , WeiqingChen, Shaojie Wu. Effect of lanthanum content on microstructure and magneticproperties of non-oriented electrical steels [J]. Journal of Rare Earths, 2013,31 (7): 727-733. Source )

  • WAN Yong * , WUShao-jie, LI Jie. Effects of complex trace elements on the microstructure andmagnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steels. Metallurgical Research & Technology, 2016, 113 (1): 101-109. Source )

  • Yong the WAN * , WeiqingCHEN, Qingqing ZHAO Content of Ag ON The Effect of Microstructure and Grain-Oriented Silicon magneticproperties of Steels ISIJ International's, 2016,56 (. 4):... 661-668 (the SCI, EI published sources )

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