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Wang Jue

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


He received a bachelor's degree in metallurgy and physical chemistry from Northeastern University in 2000 , a master's degree in metallurgy and physical chemistry from Northeastern University in 2003 , and a doctorate in iron and steel metallurgy from Northeastern University in 2009 . Mainly engaged in the secondary use of metallurgical secondary resources, complex minerals and waste green high value-added use of such research. Presided over the National Natural Science Foundation 1 , presided over the State Key Laboratory of Open Fund 1 , participated in the National Natural Science Fund 6 , published a number of academic papers.

Research Interest

metallurgical secondary resources comprehensive utilization; ( 2 ) Green and high value-added use of complex minerals and wastes.


  • Xu Hao, Jue Wang, Dong Yuanchi, Wu six cis . Aluminum killed steel LF Experimental Study of Low-fluoro refining slag desulfurization of [J] , Metallurgical Engineering, 2015 , 2 : 42-48.

  • a high guard, Jue Wang, Xie greatly, Xu Hao, Wu six cis, Dong Yuanchi . Experimental Study of hot metal pretreatment dephosphorization slag is converter slag partial replacement [J] , Shanxi Metallurgy, 2015 , 155 (3) : 24-27.

  • Xie Dawei, Wang Jue, Dong Yuanchi, Gao Wei, Li Yang.Effects of Fe-Ni Complex on C 2 S Crystalline Transition [J] , Silicate Bulletin, 2015 , 34 (12) : 1-5.

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