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Wang Ping

metallurgical engineering department
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


1985 years in the majors, East China Institute of Metallurgy Metallurgical Engineering graduate, 1988 Master of Metallurgical Engineering from Beijing University of Technology graduate, 1988 years -2001 years in the construction of a blast furnace in Maanshan Iron and Steel Plant in the second blast, the blast furnace operation and production management; 2001 years Transferred to Anhui University of Technology mainly engaged in teaching and research work. It is mainly engaged in the research and testing of no-bell fabric, the furnace bottom erosion model and the application of blast furnace longevity technology, coke deterioration and oxygen enrichment and large coal slag performance optimization. Presided over and participated in the National Natural Science Fund 3 , presided over and participate in school-enterprise cooperation projects more than 30 items. Currently published more than 60 academic papers, the national invention patent 7 , monographs. In 2000 by the Anhui Province May 1 Labor Medal and Anhui May Fourth Youth Medal; in 2011 by the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award; 2015 by the Baosteel Education Fund Outstanding Teacher Award and the China Metallurgical Education Award for outstanding figures.

Research Interest

no material bell fabric, hearth erosion model and blast furnace longevity technology; ( 2 ) coke deterioration and oxygen enrichment large coal injection; ( 3 ) blast furnace smelting strengthening and energy saving, blast furnace slag slag performance optimization; ( 4 ) Study on new technology and new technology of oxygen - rich green iron.


  • Wang Ping * , Zhou Liying, Fu Yuankun . Analysis of Cooling Condition of Two Different Cooling Structures [J]. Journal of Iron and Steel Research , 2004 , 16 (2) : 75-77

  • Wang Ping * . Clock stream and track width measuring string can not feed and Analysis [J]. Steel , 2003 , 38 (3): 8-12

  • Wang Ping * . Maanshan Iron and Steel 2500m3 blast furnace upper and lower transfer practice [J]. Iron and Steel , 2002 , 37 (7) : 12-15

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