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Wei Rufei

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


In 2009 , he graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology with a master's degree in metallurgical engineering (Bachelor), a master's degree in iron and steel metallurgy from Northeastern University in 2011 and a Ph.D. in metallurgy from the Royal Swedish Institute of Applied Technology in 2015 . Since 2016 Nian 9 month into the Metallurgical Engineering Department of Metallurgical Engineering from Anhui UniversityThe teaching and research work of iron and steel metallurgy.

Research Interest

converter structure optimization ( 2 ) physical and numerical simulation of converter ( 3 ) Simulation of the interaction between bubbles and liquids in two-phase flow ( 4 ) Optimization of the structure of mold, tundish and ladle


  • Xiaobin ZHOU , Mikael ERSSON, Liangcai ZHONG, Pär JÖNSSON, Numerical and Physical Simulations of a Combined Top-Bottom-Side Blown Converter, Steelresearch int. 86 (2015) No.11 ( SCI )

  • Xiaobin ZHOU , MikaelERSSON, Liangcai ZHONG, Pär JÖNSSON , Optimization of the Combined BlownConverter Process, ISIJ Int. 54 (2014) No. 10 ( SCI )

  • Xiaobin ZHOU , Mikael ERSSON, Liangcai ZHONG, Jingkun YU, Pär JÖNSSONMathematical and PhysicalSimulation of a Top Blown Converter , Steel research int. 85 (2014) No. 2 ( SCI )

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