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Wu Ting

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


Wu Ting, female, lecturer. 1988.11 was born in Xiangxiang, Hunan, 2007.09- 2017.06 pursue this, master, Bo in Chongqing University, obtaining a doctorate in metallurgical engineering, 2014.08 - 2016.08 Go to College of Mining and Metallurgy from McGill University in Canada conducted joint training, 2017.06 Metallurgical Engineering College recruits Anhui University, Engaged in metallurgical engineering teaching and research work. Participated in the FactSage International Joint Project ( FactSagesteelmaking consortium project ), the National Natural Science Foundation of the Joint Fund key project 1 , Chongqing Natural Science Foundation project 1 , and a number of school-enterprise cooperation projects, as the first author has published SCI included Journal Papers 6 .

Research Interest

Metallurgical slag [2] Establishment and application of thermodynamics database


  • TingWu , Shengping He *, Lilong Zhu, Qian Wang. Study on reactions performances and applications of mold flux for high-aluminum steel. MaterialsTransactions , 2016, 57: 58-63.

  • TingWu , Qian Wang, Chengfeng Yu, Shengping He *. Structural and viscosity properties of CaO-SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 -FeO slags based on prevalulardynamic simulation. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 2016, 450: 23-31 The

  • TingWu , Elmira Moosavi-Khoonsari, In-Ho Jung *, Estimation of thermodynamic properties of oxides compounds from polyhedron method. Calphad , 2017,57: 107-117.

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