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Zhang Liqiang

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Anhui University of Technology
United States of America


He received a bachelor's degree in metallurgical engineering from Anhui University of Technology in 2002 and a doctorate in iron and steel metallurgy from Beijing University of Science and Technology in 2014 . Mainly engaged in the cleanliness of steel control, continuous casting new technology, metallurgical simulation and other aspects of the study. Undergraduate undergraduate "metallurgical technology", "steel theory", "metallurgical simulation training" and other teaching work. Presided over the Anhui Provincial Department of Education key project 1 , participate in the National Natural Science Foundation 1 , participate in a number of school-enterprise cooperation projects. Currently published more than 10 academic papers, won the national patent 3 .

Research Interest

lean steel smelting technology; ( 2 ) continuous casting new technology; ( 3 ) Metallurgical simulation


  • Zhang Liqiang, Bao Yanping, Wang Min, and so on. Experimental study on the process of softening of continuous casting based on casting pressure [J] . Casting Technology, 2013 , 8 ( 34 ): 1044-1046 .

  • Zhang Liqiang, Bao Yanping, Wang Min, and so on. Study on thrust crack of 20Mn2 axle tube [J] . Journal of Beijing University of Science and Technology, 2013 , 3 (35) : 297-303 . Has been published.

  • Zhang Liqiang, Bao Yanping, Wang Min, et al. Thermal expansion coefficient of GCr15 steel [J] . Journal of Iron and Steel Research, 2011 , 6 (24) : 40-44 .

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