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Angel Yanguas-gil

Materials Scientist
Argonne National Laboratory
United States of America

Angel Yanguas-gil


Dr. Angel Yanguas-Gil is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of Material Science, Argonne National Laboratory , USA. His research interests includes Materials Science. He  is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. Dr. Angel Yanguas-Gil is the member of many international affiliations. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities. He  has authored of many research articles/books related to Materials Science.

Research Interest

Energy Systems, Plasma physics, Material Science


  • Yanguas-Gil A, Peterson KE, Elam JW. Controlled dopant distribution and higher doping efficiencies by surface-functionalized atomic layer deposition. Chemistry of Materials. 2011 Sep 14;23(19):4295-7.

  • Yanguas-Gil A, Yang Y, Kumar N, Abelson JR. Highly conformal film growth by chemical vapor deposition. I. A conformal zone diagram based on kinetics. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films. 2009 Sep;27(5):1235-43.

  • Yanguas-Gil Á, Cotrino J, Alves LL. An update of argon inelastic cross sections for plasma discharges. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 2005 May 6;38(10):1588.

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