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Anirudha Sumant

Department of Nanoscience
Argonne National Laboratory
United States of America


Dr. Anirudha Sumant is currently working as a Scientist in the Department of Nanoscience and Technology, Argonne National Laboratory , USA. His research interests includes Nanoscience and Technology. He  is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. Dr. Anirudha Sumant is the member of many international affiliations. He/  has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities. He has authored of many research articles/books related to Nanoscience and Technology.

Research Interest

Research interests include nucleation and growth mechanism of nanocarbon materials, electronic and mechanical properties, issues related to surface and interfaces in MEMS and NEMS devices. Present work includes development of novel nanocarbon heterostructures for energy efficient NEMS and nanoelectronic devices


  • Berman D, Erdemir A, Sumant AV. Few layer graphene to reduce wear and friction on sliding steel surfaces. Carbon. 2013 Apr 30;54:454-9.

  • Berman D, Erdemir A, Sumant AV. Graphene: a new emerging lubricant. Materials Today. 2014 Feb 28;17(1):31-42.

  • Butler JE, Sumant AV. The CVD of nanodiamond materials. Chemical Vapor Deposition. 2008 Jul 1;14(7‐8):145-60.

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