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Chian Liu

Department of Physics
Argonne National Laboratory
United States of America


Chian Liu Built a production line and succeeded in high quality semiconductor devices for the first Chinese satellite. Discovered monolayer and sub-monolayer ferromagnetism. Discovered surface magnetic anisotropy. Discovered the thickness dependence of Curie temperature. Discovered two-dimensional critical behavior; Built an automated deposition lab for thin film and multilayers. Invented profile coating and profile etching techniques for elliptical x-ray KB mirrors. Invented fabrication techniques for multilayer Laue lens (MLL). Developed a metallic-bonding technique for MLL.

Research Interest

X-ray optics, synchrotron radiation instrumentation, thin film and multilayer fabrication and applications for APS users, and plasma/vacuum sciences. All user requests of thin film and multilayer experimental samples.


  • Two-Dimensional Magnetic Order at (100)p(1x1)-Surfaces of Bulk Paramagnetic Vanadium", C. Rau, C. Liu, A. Schmalzbauer, and G. Xing, Phys. Rev. Lett., 57, 2311, 1986.

  • "Anisotropic Optical-Absorption Studies of NbS2 Single-Layer Suspensions Aligned in A Magnetic Field", C. Liu and R. F. Frindt, Phys. Rev. B 31, 4086, 1985.

  • X-ray and Electron Microscopy Studies of Single-Layer TaS2 and NbS2,” C. Liu et al., Thin Solid Films 113, 165, 1984.

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