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Anthony Ting 

Vice President of Regenerative Medicine and Head o
Stem Cells
United States of America


Dr. Ting joined Athersys in 2001 as a Senior Scientist and has been promoted over this fifteen year tenure at the Company, where he currently serves as Vice President of Regenerative Medicine and Head of Cardiopulmonary Programs. With more than thirty years of experience in cell and stem cell biology, Dr. Ting has developed expertise in translational clinical studies with adult stem cell therapies and has been responsible for all stages of the development of MultiStem® from the bench to the bedside.   

Research Interest

Dr. Ting manages all programs in the cardiovascular and pulmonary areas at the Company, as well as the evaluation of potential new uses for the cell therapy product.  Dr. Ting serves on several regenerative medicine society committees including the International Society for Cell Therapy, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy.  From 1995 to 2001, Dr. Ting was a Principal Investigator and Head of the Screening for Novel Inhibitors group at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) at the National University of Singapore, where he established a multi-disciplinary group that focused on the identification of therapeutic targets and the development and implementation of high-throughput screens.    

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