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Anastasia Yendiki

Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
United States of America


My research focuses on methods for mapping the circuitry of the human brain in health and disease. I have developed TRACULA (TRActs Constrained By UnderLying Anatomy), a software tool for reconstructing white-matter pathways from diffusion MRI data based on prior anatomical knowledge. Instead of enforcing hard constraints on the trajectories of the pathways, this approach includes a detailed probabilistic model of the anatomical regions that a pathway traverses at every point along its trajectory. This allows the same pathway to be reconstructed automatically in a novel subject, even if its shape and integrity differs from those of the subjects that were used to train the algorithm. Some of my current research projects include: algorithms for labeling and group analysis of white-matter bundles from diffusion MRI; validation and optimization of diffusion MRI; and applications in psychiatric disease.

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