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Ramon Lavado

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science
Baylor University
United States of America


Ramon Lavado is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Baylor University, 2016. He has completed his Research Associate, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University, 2014-2016 & Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Italy), 2013 & Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California Riverside, 2006-2012 & Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain), 2000-2005 & B.S., Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain), 1995-1999. Dr. Lavado is an environmental toxicologist specializing in the biotransformation of contaminants in aquatic wildlife. His research focuses in the mechanistical insights in the chemical modifications made by an aquatic organism on a chemical compound and development of bioassays for detecting pollutants in the environment. Dr. Lavado has published environmental toxicology research for the last thirteen years, with projects covering a wide variety of organisms and in vitro systems. Areas of ongoing research includes 1) the development of new in vitro bioassays to detect endocrine disruptor compounds in the environment; 2) evaluation of mechanistical responses of cytochrome P450 -one of the most important enzyme systems involved in biological activation or detoxification of chemical compounds; 3) evaluation of possible biotransformation enzymes for their use as biomarkers in vertebrates and invertebrates and 4) the study of interactions between multiple stressors (as climate change effects with pollutants exposure) and its effect in the biotransformation of pollutants.

Research Interest

quatic Toxicology, Biomarkers, Biotransformation, Ecotoxicology, Endocrine Disruption, Environmental Toxicology, Molecular Toxicology, Multiple Stressors


  • Maryoung, L.A., Lavado R. and Schlenk, D. Impacts of hypersaline acclimation of the acute toxicity of the organophosphate chlorpyrifos to salmonids. Aquatic Toxicology 152 (2014), 284-290.

  • Crago, J., Tran, K., Budicin, A., Schreiber, B., Lavado, R. and Schlenk, D. Exploring the impacts of two separate mixtures of pesticide and surfactants on estrogenic activity in male fathead minnows and rainbow trout. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 68 (2015), 362-370.

  • Maldonado, A., Lavado, R., Knuston, S., Slattery, M., Ankisetty, S., Goldstone, J.V., Watanabe, K., Hoh, E., Gadepalli, R.S., Rimoldi, J.M., Ostrander, G.K. and Schlenk, D. Biochemical mechanisms for geographical adaptations to novel toxin exposures in butterflyfish. PLos One (2016).

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