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Pegor Aynajian

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Binghamton University
United States of America


Pegor Aynajian joined Binghamton University's Department of Physics as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2013. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 2009 from the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His Ph.D. research was focused on the study of electron-phonon interaction in conventional and unconventional superconductors using neutron resonance spin-echo and triple-axis spectroscopy. In 2009, he joined the Physics Department of Princeton University as a MRSEC postdoctoral fellow to pursue research on unconventional superconductivity and strongly correlated electron systems using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy.

Research Interest

physics of strongly correlated electrons systems, where electronic properties hinge on the collective interplay between charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom. In many of these material systems, electronic correlations are tuned by chemical doping


  • Aynajian P, Neto EH, Gyenis A, Baumbach RE, Thompson JD, Fisk Z, Bauer ED, Yazdani A. Visualizing heavy fermions emerging in a quantum critical Kondo lattice. arXiv preprint arXiv:1206.3145. 2012 Jun 14.

  • Zhou BB, Misra S, Neto EH, Aynajian P, Baumbach RE, Thompson JD, Bauer ED, Yazdani A. Visualizing nodal heavy fermion superconductivity in CeCoIn5. arXiv preprint arXiv:1307.3787. 2013 Jul 14.

  • da Silva Neto EH, Aynajian P, Frano A, Comin R, Schierle E, Weschke E, Gyenis A, Wen J, Schneeloch J, Xu Z, Ono S. Ubiquitous interplay between charge ordering and high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates. Science. 2013 Dec 19:1243479.

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