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Jennifer Marusic

Associate Professor
Brandeis University
United States of America


Jennifer completed her PhD at UC Berkeley in 2008. Her research focuses on the history of modern philosophy, especially the British Empiricists. Her dissertation explored David Hume's views about belief and explanation. She has published papers on Hume's theory of causation, his account of belief, and his philosophy of religion. She is also working on Locke's philosophy of mind and epistemology, including his theories of judgment, perception, and knowledge. During 2013-2015, she held a Marie Curie Fellowship at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she worked on a project entitled "Three Conceptions of Judgment in Early Modern Philosophy."

Research Interest

Area of Specialization: History of Modern Philosophy; Areas of Competence: History and Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Logic.


  • Marušić JS. Propositions and judgments in Locke and Arnauld: a monstrous and unholy union?. Journal of the History of Philosophy. 2014;52(2):255-80.

  • Marušić JS. Hume on the Projection of Causal Necessity. Philosophy Compass. 2014 Apr 1;9(4):263-73.

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