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Stephanie Jones

Assistant Professor
Brown University
United States of America


Dr. Stephanie Jones is affiliated to BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Brown University , where Dr. Stephanie Jones is currently working as Assistant Professor . Dr. Stephanie Jones has numerous publications within the specialty and published in reputed national and international peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Stephanie Jones is actively associated with different national and international societies and academies. Dr. Stephanie Jones gain recognition among the honourable subject experts with the contributions made. Dr. Stephanie Jones is been appreciated by several reputed awards and funding support. Dr. Stephanie Jones major research interest is in studies related to computational neuroscience, electroencephalograph,magnetoencephalography,mathematics, neural rhythms.

Research Interest

Computational neuroscience, electroencephalograph,magnetoencephalography,mathematics, neural rhythms.


  • Hwang K, Ghuman AS, Manoach DS, Jones SR, Luna B. Frontal preparatory neural oscillations associated with cognitive control: a developmental study comparing young adults and adolescents. NeuroImage. 2016 Aug 1;136:139-48.

  • Black C, Voigts J, Agrawal U, Ladow M, Santoyo J, Moore C, Jones S. Open Ephys electroencephalography (Open Ephys+ EEG): a modular, low-cost, open-source solution to human neural recording. Journal of Neural Engineering. 2017 Mar 30;14(3):035002.

  • Lee S, Asaad WF, Jones SR. Computational modeling to improve treatments for Essential Tremor. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models. 2016 Mar 1;19:19-25.

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