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Thomas Roberts

Associate Professor
Brown University
United States of America


Dr. Thomas Roberts is affiliated to BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Brown University . Dr. Thomas Roberts is currently providing services as Associate Professor . Dr. Thomas Roberts has published numerous publications in various national and international peer-reviewed journals and presented scientific papers across the world. Because of the active association with different societies and academies as well as the contributions, Dr. Thomas Roberts is been recognized by the subject experts around the world. Dr. Thomas Roberts contributions are appreciated by various reputed awards. Dr. Thomas Roberts clinical and scientific research interests include Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

Research Interest

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


  • Azizi E, Roberts TJ. Geared up to stretch: pennate muscle behavior during active lengthening. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2014 Feb 1;217(3):376-81.

  • Sawicki GS, Robertson BD, Azizi E, Roberts TJ. Timing matters: tuning the mechanics of a muscle–tendon unit by adjusting stimulation phase during cyclic contractions. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2015 Oct 1;218(19):3150-9.

  • Sawicki GS, Sheppard P, Roberts TJ. Power amplification in an isolated muscle–tendon unit is load dependent. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2015 Nov 1;218(22):3700-9.

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