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Barney L Bales

Physics & Astronomy
California State University
United States of America

Barney L Bales


Professor emeritus of Physics and Astronomy. B.S. 1962, Ph.D. 1968, University of Colorado.

Research Interest

Physics & Astronomy


  • Peric I, Merunka D, Bales BL, Peric M. Rotation of four small nitroxide probes in supercooled bulk water. The journal of physical chemistry letters. 2013 Jan 24;4(3):508-13.

  • Peric I, Merunka D, Bales BL, Peric M. Hydrodynamic and Nonhydrodynamic Contributions to the Bimolecular Collision Rates of Solute Molecules in Supercooled Bulk Water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2014 Jun 13;118(25):7128-35.

  • Bales BL. A Simple Analytical Approximation to an Inhomogeneously-Broadened Dispersion Spectrum. Application to Absorption-Dispersion Admixtures. Cell biochemistry and biophysics. 2017 Jun 1;75(2):171-84.

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