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Dayanthie S Weeraratne

Associate Professor
Geological Science
California State University
United States of America


Professor of Geological Sciences. B.S. 1998, M.S. 1999, University of Oregon; Ph.D. 2005, Brown University.

Research Interest

Geological Science


  • Sengupta S, Weeraratne SD, Cho YJ, L Pomeroy S. Could α5-GABA-A receptor activation be used as a target for managing medulloblastomas?. CNS oncology. 2014 Jul;3(4):245-7.

  • Szental JA, Webb A, Weeraratne C, Campbell A, Sivakumar H, Leong S. Postoperative pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy is not reduced by intraoperative analgesia guided by analgesia nociception index (ANI®) monitoring: a randomized clinical trial. British journal of anaesthesia. 2014 Dec 23;114(4):640-5.

  • Marso SP, Bain SC, Consoli A, Eliaschewitz FG, Jódar E, Leiter LA, Lingvay I, Rosenstock J, Seufert J, Warren ML, Woo V. Semaglutide and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes. New England Journal of Medicine. 2016 Nov 10;375(19):1834-44.

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