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Jonathan A Kelber

Assistant Professor
California State University
United States of America


I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on cell/molecular biology and cancer. My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which cancers begin and then later acquire the ability to metastasize. We also study these same mechanisms during tissue regeneration to better understand their normal contexts. By understanding what drives cancer and what prevents complete tissue regeneration, we aim to develop novels therapeutic strategies.

Research Interest

Medical Sciences


  • Agajanian M, Runa F, Kelber JA. Identification of a PEAK1/ZEB1 signaling axis during TGFβ/fibronectin-induced EMT in breast cancer. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 2015 Sep 25;465(3):606-12.

  • Hoover M, Adamian Y, Brown M, Maawy A, Chang A, Lee J, Gharibi A, Katz MH, Fleming J, Hoffman RM, Bouvet M. A novel method for RNA extraction from FFPE samples reveals significant differences in biomarker expression between orthotopic and subcutaneous pancreatic cancer patient-derived xenografts. Oncotarget. 2017 Jan 24;8(4):5885.

  • Gharibi A, La Kim S, Molnar J, Brambilla D, Adamian Y, Hoover M, Hong J, Lin J, Wolfenden L, Kelber JA. ITGA1 is a pre-malignant biomarker that promotes therapy resistance and metastatic potential in pancreatic cancer. Scientific Reports. 2017;7.

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