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Nicholas Kioussis

Physics & Astronomy
California State University
United States of America

Nicholas Kioussis


Professor of Physics and Astronomy. B.S. 1973, National University of Athens; M.S. 1975, Ph.D. 1984, University of Illinois.

Research Interest

Physics & Astronomy


  • Ong PV, Kioussis N, Amiri PK, Wang KL. Electric-field-driven magnetization switching and nonlinear magnetoelasticity in Au/FeCo/MgO heterostructures. Scientific reports. 2016;6.

  • Liang T, Kushwaha S, Kim J, Gibson Q, Lin J, Kioussis N, Cava RJ, Ong NP. A pressure-induced topological phase with large Berry curvature in Pb 1− x Sn x Te. Science Advances. 2017 May 1;3(5):e1602510.

  • Zheng G, Ke SH, Miao M, Kim J, Ramesh R, Kioussis N. Electric field control of magnetization direction across the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition. Scientific Reports. 2017;7.

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