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Yohannes Shiferaw

Physics & Astronomy
California State University
United States of America

Yohannes Shiferaw


Professor of Physics and Astronomy. B.S. 1995, Franklin and Marshall; Ph.D. 2001, University of Pittsburgh.

Research Interest

Physics & Astronomy


  • Shiferaw Y. Nonlinear onset of calcium wave propagation in cardiac cells. Physical Review E. 2016 Sep 14;94(3):032405.

  • Hernandez-Hernandez G, Myers J, Alvarez-Lacalle E, Shiferaw Y. Nonlinear signaling on biological networks: The role of stochasticity and spectral clustering. Physical Review E. 2017 Mar 13;95(3):032313.

  • Shiferaw Y, Aistrup GL, Wasserstrom JA. Mechanism for Triggered Waves in Atrial Myocytes. Biophysical Journal. 2017 Aug 8;113(3):656-70.

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