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Laurie Glimcher

Radcliffe College
President and CEO
Cancer Immunotherapy (research) Immune System (research) Osteoporosis
United States of America


Glimcher's research has focused on the immune system; she is known for early work with T cell differentiation, her discovery that Schnurri-3 regulates osteoblasts which led to a collaboration with Merck & Co., and her discovery of the role played by XBP-1 in lipogenesis and the unfolded protein response.[7][8] Glimcher's role helped discover Schnurri-3 (Shn3 for short) is a large zinc finger protein distantly related to Drosophila. Shn is a potent and essential regulator of adult bone formation.[9] Her research has had implications for understanding asthma, HIV, inflammatory bowel disease, and osteoporosis, and around 2016, on cancer immunotherapy.[10]

Research Interest

   autoimmune diseases natural killer T cell)  Fosamax

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