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Raymond C. Dabney

President & CEO
business management
Cannabis Science
United States of America


 Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President & CEO, brings 25 years of experience in corporate finance, corporate structure, corporate communications, sales and marketing for public companies. Mr. Dabney has significant experience in public and private venture capital, early stage equity/debt financings and regulatory compliance. Mr. Dabney has co-founded several public and private companies in many diverse industries such as drug development, entertainment, media, advertising, mining, automobile, high-tech, manufacturing, real estate and communications, many of which he launched from day one. Cannabis Science is a prime example of the type of organizations that Mr. Dabney has built from inception. Mr. Dabney has extensive international relationships that he has utilized to grow each Company, from the US, Canada, several European centers, such as Paris, London, Amsterdam and eastern Spain, as well as countries in the West Indies, South America, and Asia. Mr. Dabney’s niche market knowledge, team leadership, and management style facilitate the continued growth and forward thinking that successfully bring his projects from concept to completion.

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