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Marc Goodman

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Cedars Sinai Medical Center
United States of America


As a molecular epidemiologist, my research interests focus primarily on infectious disease and hormonal carcinogenesis; cancer biomarker development and the role of metabolic abnormalities in cancer risk and survival; and the development of clinical interventions that slow cancer progression and reduce the toxicity of cancer treatment. Although these interests are broad, my research strategy has been to develop the appropriate resources to support multidisciplinary, cross-cutting, collaborative science that advances our cancer prevention efforts.  My strengths include the design and implementation of prospective cohort studies and clinical trials in diverse populations that involve both biological and clinical outcomes. Key to my success has been rich collaborative relationships and outstanding mentoring from Larry Kolonel and Ernst Wynder, among others. Relevant to this application, I started my career at the American Health Foundation where I managed a multi-center study of tobacco carcinogenesis (P01 CA32617, Wynder PI). Following a move to the University of Hawaii, I implemented two natural history studies of anogenital human papillomavirus infection with active follow-up and repeated biological measurements on more than 3,300 subjects from five clinical centers (R01 CA77318, Goodman PI). The Hawaii HPV Cohort Study biorepository now includes more than 120,000 biospecimens. I also developed and administered the Biospecimen Collection Core for the Multiethnic Cohort Study (MEC) in which we gathered blood and urine specimens among 36,000 Hawaii MEC participants (P01 CA033619, Kolonel PI). Finally, as PI of the SEER contract (N01 PC035137) to the Hawaii Tumor Registry, I have had extensive experience in implementing and managing large, multi-center data and specimen collection efforts that accrue to centralized repositories. I am especially proud of my leadership role in the development of the SEER Residual Tissue Repository, a unique and valuable population-based resource consisting of tissue specimens and clinical data for over 125,000 racially and ethnically diverse cancer patients.  

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Marc Troup Goodman, PhD, MPH is the director of Cancer Prevention and Genetics and the associate director of Population Science at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute. Goodman has a long-standing interest in the biological interplay among hormones, diet, genetics and metabolism on the risk of cancer in women, including investigations of ovarian, breast and uterine cancers. Goodman has also conducted several longitudinal studies of human papillomavirus-related disease in men and women. He has been the principal investigator on numerous research projects, many with a focus on the racially diverse and underserved populations in Hawaii. Goodman has lectured at many national and international conferences. He has written extensively on cancer, including the relationship of genetics and cancer, and has co-authored 13 book chapters and 191 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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