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Stephen J. Pandol

Biomedical Sciences
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
United States of America


The pancreatitis-related research of Stephen J. Pandol, MD, focuses on determining the intracellular signaling (i.e., protein kinases and calcium) and organellar disorders (endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial failure) that occur during the disease. The aim is to identify what underlies the disease process and to develop treatments. For pancreatic cancer, Pandol focuses on the mechanisms of cells (i.e., stellate cells, macrophages, immune cells) that are involved in promoting the growth and metastasis of the cancer. The aim is to identify pathways these cells use to promote the cancer, with a goal of developing novel treatments, as well as preventing occurrence initially and recurrence after treatment. For diabetes, Pandol and his colleagues focus on how nutrients in the intestine activate gut endocrine cells (i.e., glucagon-like peptide-1 cells, cholecystokinin cells) to regulate glucose metabolism and food intake. The work involves identifying sensors and their functions on the gut endocrine cells with the aim of developing treatments for diabetes through agents that modulate these sensors.

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