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Joseph X. Ho Ph.d.

Co-Founder, Vice President and Directo
Century Pharmaceuticals
United States of America


Joseph X. Ho, PhD co-founded New Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 1996 and has been its Vice President since 1997. Dr. Ho worked for nine years at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center first as a Visiting Scientist and ultimately as a Senior Scientist in the Microgravity and Materials Sciences Branch. During this time, Dr. Ho worked closely with Dr. Carter on the structure of human serum albumin and other protein structures. Dr. Ho's special interest and expertise is in the application of advanced computational methods to protein crystals for the purpose of developing structural information useful for drug design. Dr. Ho has been Director of New Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since 1997. Dr. Ho earned a PhD in crystallography from the University of Pittsburgh, and undergraduate degrees from China.

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