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Eddie Rodriguez

Employee Engagement Manager
, Weatherby Healthcare
CHG Healthcare
United States of America


 The outgoing Eddie that his coworkers see today is quite different from the shy little Eddie who wanted so much to be a professional swimmer growing up in New York but hated wearing the swimsuits. Living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan around the corner from Katz’s Delicatessen gave him great experience to draw from when it comes to celebrating culture. There was a street festival every Sunday with lots of music playing and food at every corner. Eddie loved it, and he still goes back twice a year to visit family who live there. Now Eddie spends every day bringing culture to life at Weatherby Healthcare. He and his team focus on four areas: Events, Engagement, Marketing, and Communication. His goal is to make sure the culture reflects the company’s Red Ribbon Service internally and externally. Having been at Weatherby Healthcare for more than five years, Eddie is a good man for the job. His favorite aspect of the company has always been its high energy and family feeling. Arriving at work puts a smile on his face every day. While coworkers might be surprised to learn that Eddie spent five years (18–23) as a dancer, they do know that he’s never learned to drive (who wants to drive in New York City!), a fact he plans to change soon along with learning another language.

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