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Aditya Rajagopal

Founder and Chief Technical Offiicer
Real-Time PCR Multiplexing
United States of America

Aditya Rajagopal


Aditya has 29 issued patents, 21 pending patents , and multiple publications in biomedical technology, microfluidics and nanotechnology. He has expertise in thermal engineering, signal processing techniques, nano-scale electronics, low-power circuit design for implantable sensors, DNA sequencing structures and techniques, and PCR devices and applications. He was the recipient of the Caltech Innovation Initiative (CI2) award and the Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis thesis prize. Additionally, he has an appointment as a Visiting Associate (Visiting Faculty) at Caltech. Aditya completed his education at Caltech (BS, MS, PhD), and performed his doctoral research with Dr. Axel Scherer and Dr. Tom Tombrello. 

Research Interest

Aditya is the inventor of HDPCR, ChromaCode's core technology. Most recently, he was a researcher with the Life Science team at Google[x], where he was exploring fundamentally transformative, "moonshot" endeavors. 

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