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Andrew Levin

Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
United States of America

Andrew Levin


Andrew Levin is Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, USA. He has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences.

Research Interest

"Dual Currency Economies, Microeconomics "


  • De Veirman E, Levin AT. When did firms become more different? Time-varying firm-specific volatility in Japan. Journal of the Japanese and International Economies. 2012 Dec 31;26(4):578-601.

  • Erceg CJ, Levin AT. Labor force participation and monetary policy in the wake of the Great Recession. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 2014 Oct 1;46(S2):3-49.

  • Levin AT. The design and communication of systematic monetary policy strategies. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 2014 Dec 31;49:52-69.

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