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Meir Gregory Kohn

Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
United States of America

Meir Gregory Kohn


Meir Gregory Kohn is currently working as Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, USA. He has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences.

Research Interest

Economic development and growth, institutional economics, economics of financial systems, macroeconomics and money


  • Kohn MG, Shavell S. The theory of search. Journal of Economic Theory. 1974 Oct 1;9(2):93-123.

  • Kohn M. A loanable funds theory of unemployment and monetary disequilibrium. The American Economic Review. 1981 Dec 1;71(5):859-79.

  • Kohn M. Monetary Analysis, the Equilibrium Method, and Keynes's" General Theory". Journal of Political Economy. 1986 Dec 1;94(6):1191-224.

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