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Michel Lemay

Adjunct Professor
Neurobiology & Anatomy
Drexel University College of Medicine
United States of America


Michel Lemay, PhD, is an adjunct professor of neurobiology and anatomy at Drexel University College of Medicine, and a professor in the Department of Engineering at Temple University. He received his PhD in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Following training as an NIDRR and SCRF postdoctoral fellow at MIT and as a research associate at Case Western, Dr. Lemay joined the faculty at Drexel University College of Medicine/MCP Hahnemann University in 2001 and moved to Temple in 2013.

Research Interest

Dr. Lemay's research focuses on studies and applications of the neuronal circuitry for restoring movement after spinal cord injury. His laboratory is interested in studying and utilizing spinal circuits responsible for movements in neural prosthesis applications. Neural prostheses use electrical activation of a damaged nervous system to restore function to the affected individual. Dr. Giszter's laboratory demonstrated the modularity of the spinal frog motor output to intraspinal microstimulation, while my laboratory and a number of other groups have shown similar modules for movement control in the mammalian spinal cord.


  • Ollivier-Lanvin K, Krupka AJ, AuYong N, Miller K, Prilutsky BI, Lemay MA. Electrical stimulation of the sural cutaneous afferent nerve controls the amplitude and onset of the swing phase of locomotion in the spinal cat. Journal of neurophysiology. 2011 May 1;105(5):2297-308.

  • AuYong N, Ollivier-Lanvin K, Lemay MA. Population spatiotemporal dynamics of spinal intermediate zone interneurons during air-stepping in adult spinal cats. Journal of neurophysiology. 2011 Oct 1;106(4):1943-53.

  • Markin SN, Lemay MA, Prilutsky BI, Rybak IA. Motoneuronal and muscle synergies involved in cat hindlimb control during fictive and real locomotion: a comparison study. Journal of neurophysiology. 2012 Apr 15;107(8):2057-71.

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