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Issa Zakeri

Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Drexel University
United States of America

Issa Zakeri


Issa Zakeri’s research interests include biostatistics, functional data analysis, multivariate analysis and statistical learning. His methodological research has been motivated by and closely related to his applied interests in behavioral, biological and medical sciences. In particular, he has methodological and applied research interests related to obesity prevention and energy expenditure, and have engaged in obesity prevention research at the biologic, clinical and community levels. 

Research Interest

Data Analysis Methods


  • "Yang Y, Adolph A, Puyau M, Vohra F, Butte N, and Zakeri I. (2013). Modeling Energy Expenditure in Children and Adolescents using Quantile Regression. Journal of Applied Physiology 115(2):251-9. "

  • "Butte NF, Wong WW, Lee JS, Adolph AL, Puyau MR, and Zakeri IF. (2014) Prediction of Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity in Preschoolers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 46(6):1216-26. "

  • Butte NF, Liu Y, Zakeri IF, Mohney PR, Mehta N, Vourganti VS, Goring H,  and Comuzzie AG. Global metabolomic profiling targeting childhood obesity in the Hispanic population. (2015) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 102(2):256-67.

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