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Joel G. Maxcy

Hospitality and Sport Management
Drexel University
United States of America

Joel G. Maxcy


"Professor Maxcy joined the Drexel faculty from Temple University in 2014. He has also held faculty and administrative appointments in sport management at Ithaca College and the University of Georgia, where he headed the program. A sports economist, Professor Maxcy’s expertise includes antitrust law, regulation, labor policy, and finance. He was elected President of the International Association of Sports Economists (IASE) in 2015 after serving as the North American Region Vice President, 2010- 2014. Professor Maxcy has made public appearances and delivered lectures at national and international conferences and forums on sport policy. He has published numerous peer reviewed articles on issues including stadium finance, the impact of collective bargaining professional sports leagues, the influence of long-term contracts on player effort, and antitrust in sports. His publications are represented in Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Sport Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Sport Management, and Managerial and Decision Economics, among other journals and books. He has also authored an amicus brief in support of a college football players’ union for the National Labor Relations Board in 2014. Professor Maxcy frequently discusses economic issues in the media and has contributed op-eds to news and media outlets. At Drexel Professor Maxcy’s teaching assignments include courses in sport economics, global sport issues, and labor relations. "

Research Interest

Economics of Sport


  • Diehl, M., Maxcy, J., and Drayer, J. (2015). Price Elasticity of Demand in the Secondary Market: Evidence from the National Football League. Journal of Sports Economics, 16 (6) 557-575.

  • Diehl, M., Drayer, J., and Maxcy, J. (2016). On the Demand for Live Sport Contests: Insights from the Secondary Ticket Market for National Football League Games. Journal of Sport Management, 30 (1), 82-94.

  • Fort, R., Maxcy, J., and Diehl, M. (2016) Uncertainty by Regulation: Is Rottenberg’s Invariance Principle Subject to Policy and Circumstance? Research in Economics, 70, (3) 454-467.

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