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Devika S Manickam

Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy
Duquesne University
United States of America


Devika S Manickam, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy. She completed her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in 2003 (University of Madras, India) and received her Masters and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2005 and 2008) from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI). Dr. Manickam joined the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in January of 2016. She teaches PHCE 361 (Pharmaceutical Principles and Drug Delivery Systems) in the Pharm.D. curriculum.

Research Interest

Non-viral delivery vectors for biomacromolecules (nucleic acids and proteins) and Pharmacological responses of blood-brain barrier to polymeric carriers.


  • C. Perriotte-Olson, N. Adi, D.S. Manickam, R. A. Westwood, C. V. Desouza, A. V. Kabanov, and S. Viswanathan. "Nanoformulated Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Reduces Adiposity and Adipose Inflammation in Obesity." Obesity, 2016, 24(1), 148-56.

  • V. Saraswathi, M. Ganesan; C. Perriotte-Olson, D.S. Manickam; R. A Westwood, M.C. Zimmerman, I. M Ahmad, C. V. Desouza, A. V Kabanov. "Nanoformulated Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Attenuates Vascular Cell Activation and Aortic Inflammation in Obesity." Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2016, 469(3), 495-500.

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