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Jonathan Ajo-franklin

Earth & Environmental Sciences
United States of America

Jonathan Ajo-franklin


  Ph.D. Geophysics, Stanford University M.S. Geophysics, Stanford University B.A. Computer Science and History, Rice University  

Research Interest

 CO2 monitoring and verification


  • Saltiel, S., Bonner B.P., Mittal, T., Delbridge, B., and J.B. Ajo-Franklin, “Experimental evidence for dynamic friction on rock fractures from frequency-dependent nonlinear hysteresis and harmonic generation,” submitted April 2017, in review at Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth.

  • Voltolini, M., Haboub, A., Dou, S., Kwon, T-H., MacDowell, A., Parkinson, D.Y., and J. Ajo- Franklin, “The Emerging Role of 4D Synchrotron X-Ray Micro-Tomography for Climate and Fossil Energy Studies: Present Capabilities at Beamline 8.3.3 at the Advanced Light Source” submitted April 2017, in review, at the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

  • Deng, H., Voltolini, M., Molins, S., Steefel, C., DePaolo, D., Ajo-Franklin, J., and L. Yang, “Fracture coating development and erosion in a carbonate-rich shale,” submitted April 2017, in review at Environmental Science and Technology.

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