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Tetsu K. Tokunaga

Earth & Environmental Sciences
United States of America

Tetsu K. Tokunaga


  Ph.D. Soil Science, University of California, Berkeley B.A. Soil Resources, University of California, Berkeley  

Research Interest

Identifying the general free-path basis for gas diffusion in porous media, the importance of water film hydraulics in multiphase fluid flow, Boltzmann flux distributions in unsaturated rocks, limits for capillary hysteresis, the permeability-sorptivity scaling relation, the unsustainability of reduction-based remediation of uranium contamination, the role of uranyl vanadates in controlling uranium concentrations in oxidizing environments, modeling and measurements of brine film thicknesses under confinement by supercritical CO2, experimentally identifying limitations of scaling predictions of capillary pressure-saturation relations for supercritical CO2-brine in porous media, the potential acceleration of soil carbon sequestration through gypsum dissolution, measuring multiphase fluid equilibrium and flow in low permeability shales, and measuring solute diffusion through adsorbed water films. 


  • Title: Wettability effects on supercritical CO2-brine immiscible displacement during drainage: Pore-scale observation and 3D simulation Author(s): Hu, Ran; Wan, Jiamin; Kim, Yongman; et al. Source: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Volume: 60 Pages: 129-139 Published: May 2017

  • Title: Water Table Dynamics and Biogeochemical Cycling in a Shallow, Variably-Saturated Floodplain Author(s): Yabusaki, Steven B.; Wilkins, Michael J.; Fang, Yilin; et al. Source: Environmental Science & Technology Volume: 51 Issue: 6 Pages: 3307-3317 Published: MAR 21 2017

  • Title: Ion Diffusion Within Water Films in Unsaturated Porous Media Author(s): Tokunaga, Tetsu K.; Finsterle, Stefan; Kim, Yongman; et al. Source: Environmental Science & Technology Volume: 51 Issue: 8 Pages: 4338-4346 Published: APR 18 2017

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