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David Wozniak

Associate Professor
Department of Buisness
Eastern Michigan University
United States of America


PhD. 2010 Economics, University of Oregon (USA) M.A. 2006 Economics, Dalhousie University (Canada) B.A.2003 Economics (Honors), University of Calgary (Canada) B. Comm.2003 Finance specialization, University of Calgary (Canada)

Research Interest

Buisness management, Market Research.  


  • Wozniak, D. F., Hartman, R. E., Boyle, M. P., Vogt, S. K., Brooks, A. R., Tenkova, T., ... & Muglia, L. J. (2004). Apoptotic neurodegeneration induced by ethanol in neonatal mice is associated with profound learning/memory deficits in juveniles followed by progressive functional recovery in adults. Neurobiology of disease, 17(3), 403-414.

  • Farber, N. B., Wozniak, D. F., Price, M. T., Labruyere, J., Huss, J., Peter, H. S., & Olney, J. W. (1995). Age-specific neurotoxicity in the rat associated with NMDA receptor blockade: potential relevance to schizophrenia?. Biological psychiatry, 38(12), 788-796.

  • Olney, J. W., Wozniak, D. F., Jevtovic‐Todorovic, V., Farber, N. B., Bittigau, P., & Ikonomidou, C. (2002). Drug‐induced apoptotic neurodegeneration in the developing brain. Brain Pathology, 12(4), 488-498.

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