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Tony Crider

Associate Professor
Elon University
United States of America


Tony Crider is an Associate Professor of Physics at Elon University in North Carolina. He received his Ph.D. in space physics and astronomy from Rice University in 1999 studying gamma rays and X-rays emitted by newly formed black holes. He continued this work as a National Research Council associate at the Naval Research Laboratory. Before moving to Elon, Dr. Crider taught at American University where he coordinated the Multimedia Design and Development program. His interest in science visualization led him to create virtual planetariums, telescopes, and lunar landscapes within the 3D online world of Second Life. In 2006, he co-founded the SciLands, an archipelago of Second Life islands dedicated to science education and outreach. After recieving a grant from the National Science Foundation to create and disseminate science role-playing games such at "The Pluto Debate," Dr. Crider was elected to serve on the Board of the Reacting Consortium that oversees the review and publication of all Reacting to the Past games. Currently, Dr. Crider is analyzing the morphologies of starburst galaxies and researching the origins of the scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) at a 1961 meeting of scientists. His hobbies include running, playing video games, and trying to understand his dog, Murphy.

Research Interest

Astronomy, Planetary Science, Virtual Environments

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