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Gregory Mcmanus

Assistant Professor
Florida Gulf Coast University
United States of America


Ph.D., University of South Florida, USA, 2008 B.Sc. (Honors in Chemistry), University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2002

Research Interest

Solid state chemistry and utilizing the coordination chemistry and molecular geometries of various organic ligands and metal cations to develop novel materials referred to as Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Advancements made in the study of MOFs have led it to become one of the fastest growing areas of research over the last decade


  • Naik, P.U.; McManus, G.J.; Zaworotko, M.J.; Singer, R.D. "Salicylaldoxime and salen containing imidazolium ionic liquids for biphasic catalysis and metal extractions", Dalton Trans., 2008, 4834-4836.

  • Lawrence, H.R.; Li, Z; Richard Yip, M.L.; Sung, S.S.; Lawrence, N.J.; McLaughlin, M.L.; McManus, G.J.; Zaworotko, M.J.; Sebti, S.M.; Chen, J.; Guida, W.C. "Identification of a Disruptor of the MDM2-p53 Protein-Protein Interaction Facilitated by High-throughput in Silico Docking", Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2009, 19(14), 3756-3759.

  • Zaworotko, M.J.; Hammud, H.H.; Kabbani, A.; McManus, G.J.; Ghannoum, A.M.; Masoud, M.S. "Synthesis and Characterization of Some Transition Metal Complexes with Mixed Adenine and Acetylacetonate Ligands: Crystal Structures of Solvated Complex {[Cu(acac)2(adenine)]•EtOH} and {[Cu(acac)2(adenine)]•DMF•H2O}", J. Chem. Cryst., 2009, 39, 853-863.

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