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Jose Barreto

Florida Gulf Coast University
United States of America


Dr. Barreto has published in the field of acid permeability across artificial membranes, and on the role of free radicals and oxidants in the pathogenesis of ulcers in the gut. He has taught many generations of students at a variety of academic levels including, lower division, upper division, graduate and post-doctoral students; he has been employed as a full time faculty member at a community college, university and a medical school. During his tenure at FGCU (1998-present), he established an active undergraduate research program that is now focused on investigating the production of radicals and oxidants produced by a titanium oxide photocatalytic system. The aim of this “green chemistry” project is to develop new technologies for sterilizing and destroying germs and biological toxins without creating persistent environmental hazards. Dr. Barreto is also actively involved curricular reform in chemistry and in designing new labs for undergraduate chemistry students; he is the principal author (with his Chemistry faculty colleagues as co-authors) of the FGCU lab manual for General Chemistry I&II.

Research Interest

Radicals, oxidants, biocides and chemical education.


  • Multiple Pedagogical Reforms Implemented in a University Science Class To Address Diverse Learning Styles. Terry Dubetz, Ph.D., Jose C. Barreto, Ph.D., David Deiros., Joseph Kakareka, Ph.D., David Brown, Ph.D., and Cynthia Ewald, M.Ed. Journal of College Science Teaching, In press.

  • Beta-carotene protects sudan (IV) from photocatalytic oxidation in a micellar model system: Insight into the antioxidant properties of the golden staphylococcus aureus. Cristina M. Coates, Bill Caldwell, Randall S. Alberte, Patricia D. Barreto, and Jose C. Barreto. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. In Press, January 2007.

  • The destruction of a Sudan IV, an azo dye target, in a CTAB micelle: A model for the destruction of photocatalytic biological toxins in the hydrophobic core of a cell membrane. Jose C. Barreto Ph.D., Cristina Coates, Ph.D.; Wllliam Caldwell and Patricia Barreto, B.S. In preparation, January 2007

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