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Nora Demers

Associate Professor
Florida Gulf Coast University
United States of America


Ph.D. Zoology, Oregon State University M.S. Zoology, Oregon State University B.S. Life Sciences University of Missouri-Rolla

Research Interest



  • Demers, N.E. Challenges of competing interests, logistics, and payoffs in two different restoration projects in southwest Florida.(National Council on Ecosystem Restoration, NCER, Coral Springs, FL, April, 2016)

  • Demers, N.E. (2012) Genomes and their Evolution- another Example of Gene Duplication and Divergence In: Laboratory Activities for General Biology I third edition, bluedoor publishing.

  • Gunnels, C.W. IV, Bovard, B.D., Buzasi, D., Cassani, M.K., Douglass, J. Everham, E, Hartley, A. Herman, J. Mujtaba, M. Muller, J. Nelson, K., Nicolas, A. Southard, L. Thomas, S. and Demers, N.E. (2015) Engaging Students in Ethical Considerations of the Scientific Process Using a Simulated Funding Panel. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly 36:1:12-18

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