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Mr. John Allen

Computer Science
United States of America


Mr. John Allen has been the Chief Executive Officer of FluoroFinder LLC since June 2013. Mr. Allen founded Limited in 2000 and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Allen has over 13 years experience in the development and deployment of commercial software solutions. Prior to this, Mr. Allen managed outsourced digital media software projects to the European Television industry, particularly in Germany, UK and Italy. During the early company phase, Mr. Allen and a large team of employees were involved in R+D activities, developing software for more than 10 European broadcasters. His technical background coupled with his expertise in systems and iTV process flow, keep him very much a part of the Digisoft visionary team. A regular speaker on the iTV event circuit, Mr. Allen's expertise in iTV business modelling has allowed for his experience and industry interface to become a invaluable asset for Digisoft and customers alike. Mr. Allen holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science from University College Cork in Ireland.

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 Computer Science

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