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Kyle Crowson

Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary Sciences
Frontier Village Vet Clinic
United States of America


 Dr. Kyle Crowson is originally from northern California (Chico). His path to becoming a veterinarian was a bit of a roundabout one. He volunteered for years with an exotic animal foundation that taught him valuable aspects of animal behavior, safety concerns, and husbandry alongside tigers, lions, leopards, etc. Dr. Crowson completed his undergraduate studies at Clemson University SC (2010), including pre-requisites for medical school, but never had the calling to human medicine. He worked as a field technician on a number of different wildlife projects for three years specializing in mammalian predators (mountain lions, wolves, bobcats, coyotes, and foxes), which took him to some amazingly beautiful and remote corners of North America. Those positions offered him a glimpse into different aspects of veterinary medicine, which led to pursuing a career as a veterinarian. He recently graduated from University of Missouri (2017) with and is excited to start his career, as he mentions, “In a place that felt like home the minute I came through the front doors.” His professional interests lie with animal behavior, dentistry, and internal medicine. 

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