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Bogdan Iancu

Technology specialist
Genevia Technologies
United States of America


BOGDAN developed a computational framework for the specification of reaction-based biological networks, at different levels of resolution, and tested it within several modeling tools during his PhD research. Following his graduation, his focus shifted more towards bioinformatics and computational systems medicine. He is interested in just about any computational model of a biological system, from the simplest to the most complex, and will look for the most beneficial approach to analyze it, from ordinary differential equations to computational statistics. Bogdan was born and raised in Romania and came to Finland to start a career on the computational side of biosciences. He speaks Romanian as a mother tongue, English as his main language, selko suomen kieli and understands all major Romance languages. He envisions a future with a tight connection between Academia and companies and joined Genevia to jumpstart working on his vision.

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