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A.t. Charlie Johnson

Graphene Frontiers
United States of America


EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS: Physics Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Leader of an independent research group focAused on nanostructure physics and single-molecule electronics, since 1994 Extensive work in the field of carbon nanotubes and graphene, making significant contributions to the understanding of thermal and electronic transport in these nanomaterials Active in the area of vapor and liquid-phase molecular sensing using functionalized nanotube field effect transistors, as well as graphene electronics IP from his lab on the use of DNA-carbon nanotube devices for electronic nose systems forms the basis of Adamant Technologies, a startup company Authorship of over 140 peer-reviewed articles Holder of three issued patents, with 18 other patents submitted EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS: NSF Graduate Research Fellow (Harvard) and an NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow Packard Foundation Science and Engineering Fellowship Sloan Fellowship Fellow of the American Physical Society

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