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David E. Clements

Clinical Sciences
Hawaii Biotech
United States of America


    Mr. Clements has over 20 years of experience in molecular biology and the development of recombinant protein expression systems.  Mr. Clements received his M.S. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his studies focused on the molecular genetics of toxin production in plant pathogenic bacteria.  He then joined Hawaii Biotech in 1987.  Since then he has worked on a variety of projects involving molecular genetics and has extensive experience in the expression of recombinant proteins in heterologous host cell systems. He has been actively involved in HBI’s efforts to develop recombinant subunit vaccines against flaviviruses such as dengue, West Nile and Tick-borne encephalitis using insect cell expression systems.   Since 2001, he has been responsible for the development of the necessary cell lines and large scale cell culture processes needed for cGMP production of the dengue and West Nile vaccines. Mr. Clements has also directed the develop of recombinant subunit vaccines for malaria, which were funded by a series of SBIR grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) agency at NIH.  Mr. Clements became the Director of the Molecular Biology and Cell Culture Group in 2004.   

Research Interest

 Anesthesia & Clinical Research   Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine

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