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Daniel Attinger

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University
United States of America


After a 2001 PhD at ETH Zurich and faculty positions at Stony Brook and Columbia University, Attinger is since 2011 Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He has produced about 80 journal and conference papers. He has given seven keynote lectures at international heat transfer and microfluidic conferences, and more than 50 invited talks in America, Asia and Europe. Attinger is a member of the Nanoengineering Council of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, where he co-organizes the Micro & Nano Technology Society-Wide Forum, and the International Conference on Micro, Nano and Minichannels. Attinger is the co-inventor of four US and international patents. He is the recipient of the ETH Zurich medal for outstanding Ph.D. thesis (2001), an NSF CAREER award for young investigators (2005), and the 2012 ASME ICNMM 2012 Outstanding Researcher Award. The first three PhD graduates of Attinger’s lab have obtained tenure-track faculty positions at research universities.

Research Interest

Micro- and Nanofluidics, Convective Heat Transfer, Single Droplet/Bubble Dynamics, Visualization, Engineering and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Multiscale Transport Phenomena for Energy and Forensics Applications


  • Xu J. and Attinger D, Drop on demand in a microfluidic chip, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol 18, pp 065020, 2008.

  • Xu, J. and D. Attinger, Acoustic excitation of superharmonic capillary waves on a meniscus in a planar microgeometry, Physics of Fluids, 2007. 19: p. 108107.

  • R. Bhardwaj, X. Fang, P. Somasundaran, and D. Attinger (2010) Self-assembly of particles from evaporating colloidal droplets: role of the pH and proposition of a phase diagram, Langmuir 26: 7833-7842.

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